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 Terms & Conditions of Acceptance
This agreement is hereby between ‘V.I.P Chaperones’ (from hereafter known as the agency) and any applicant whose applies to V.I.P Chaperones thereafter. It agrees as follows:
V.I.P Chaperones or any nominated subsidiary or associated company acts as a legitimate third party introduction service between the chaperone and the client.
We the agency is here to give you the client a complete and authorised service at all times. We also agree not to divulge to any third party any personal details given, which are taken and remain in the strictest confidence with ‘V.I.P Chaperones’ or any nominated subsidiary or associated company.
We the agency would like to emphasize that we will not be held responsible for any aspect incident/accident, in any form whatsoever, which may occur with a registered chaperone, a client or both parties.
Once you sign this agreement, you the client have the right to terminate your agreement with the agency giving twenty four hours notice. You must notify us in writing or by verbal confirmation stating that you wish to terminate this agreement forthwith. Deposits are non refundable as they act as a cancellation fee should you wish to withdraw from the booking.
You the client are required to pay 25% deposit of the final booking fee in advance prior to the date of assignment; we require payment through BACS, PAYPAL, cheques and cash. Please note cheques need to clear before assignments can proceed.
Once deposits are paid access codes are granted to view profiles on our website and free risk assessments are organized for CP clients.
All clients will be entitled to 28 days to settle payment, with interest of 25% per week added for any late payments made on your account. Legal action may also be taken in the event of non payments. Furthermore, and as a separate obligation, we the agency is entitled to carry out credit checks regarding the clients/organizations credit history.
You the client are responsible for any expenses incurred which is supplementary to your booking, such as sundries, travel and entrance fees, for yourself and the registered chaperone.
The agency would like to inform the client that all registered chaperones are self-employed and responsible for their own insurance and tax contributions.
You the client will endeavour to act at all times in such a manner as to be deemed reasonable and undertake not to use the service in such a manner as to constitute a violation or infringement of the rights of any third party or law breaking in any way.
This agreement and the conditions herein shall constitute the whole agreement between the agency and the client in full and no alteration hereto shall be valid unless made in writing and signed by the parties thereto. This agreement shall be governed by the English Law of Great Britain and the parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the English court.
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