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General Conduct
The agency expects all its members to conduct themselves in a professional manner, ensuring clients confidentiality & privacy at all times. You must be of smart appearance, confident and well mannered which includes no drinking, smoking, gambling, swearing and similar unprofessional activities which are prohibited whilst on assignments.
From your date registered, you have 5 years membership with the agency. If you wish to cancel your membership for any reason, please write to our Human Resource department and we shall remove your profile from our database. All members must keep the office updated with any new contact details. Please note that once membership has elapsed renewal fees do apply.
All assignments are booked regarding location and skills required from the clients’ specific needs and risk levels. Members may be required at short notice for long & short contracts and may also be needed to travel Nationwide & Internationally. The agency shall contact members via telephone or email when a suitable assignment comes through. During assignments all members are expected to deliver high levels of client care and be helpful in opening doors, carrying luggage etc and offering a trusted service at all times.
Conflict of interest
The agency expects all members to perform their duties reliably and honestly and in accordance with the best interests of the agency. Members must not use their position or the knowledge gained as a result of their position for private or personal advantage, regardless of the circumstances. If members sense that a course of action may involve them in a conflict of interest with the client, they should immediately communicate all the facts to the agency. 
Most payments are made by cheque to members after the assignment. Clients have 28 days to settle accounts so payment times may vary. After your first assignment all members must provide the agency with their Unique Tax Reference number and be aware that they are responsible for their own tax & insurance requirements.
Acceptance of advantages
Any gifts offered voluntarily to the members in their official capacity are regarded as gifts to the agency and they should not be accepted without permission. Members should decline the offer if the acceptance could affect their objectivity in conducting the agencies business or induce them to act against the interest of the agency or lead to complaints of bias or impropriety.
Misuse of official position
Members who misuse their official position for personal gains or to favour relatives, friends or associates are liable for membership cancellation or even prosecution. Examples of misuse include leaking tender information to companies or competitors with a view to awarding the contract to the latter.
Handling of classified or proprietary information
Members are not allowed to disclose any classified or proprietary information to anybody without authorisation. Members who have access to or are in control of such information should at all times provide adequate safeguards to prevent its abuse or misuse. Examples of misuse include disclosure of information in return for monetary reward or use of information for personal interest.
Dealing with outside people & organisations
Members must take care to separate their personal roles from their agency positions when communicating on matters not involving agency business. When dealing with anyone outside the agency including public officials, members must not compromise the integrity or damage the reputation of either the agency or our clients.
Compliance with the code
It is the personal responsibility of every member to understand and comply with the code of conduct. Any member who violates any provision of the code will be subject to membership cancellation. In any case of suspected corruption or other criminal offence, full reports will be made to appropriate authorities and prosecutions undertaken.